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Our academy based in North Haledon, New Jersey welcomes students of all ages and skill levels. No previous experience necessary. Get in the best shape of your life while learning invaluable self defense.




Adult White Belt – The perfect class for beginners. This class focuses on the essence of BJJ: leverage, base and self-defense.

All Levels Gi/ No-Gi – This class is perfect for students looking to challenge themselves in the art by focusing on advanced techniques and sharpening their submissions.

Open Mat РA great class to get in a good cardio session, open mat offers students the opportunity to participate in live sparring  and/or drilling of techniques taught in the curriculum.

Peewee Gi/ No-Gi – For ages 5 and up, this class focuses on technique instruction, drilling, games and an introduction to live sparring.

Juniors Gi/ No-Gi – For older kids and young teens, this class focuses on positional drilling, live sparring, and games to challenge their skills.

Competition Class – This class provides conditioning and support to students looking to challenge themselves and their skills in preparation for a competition.

Private Lessons –¬† For students interested in one-on-one instruction, these classes are perfect for students looking to gain more experience and perfect their art.




Have any questions about our academy? Feel free to drop in during open hours or contact us via phone, email, or the contact form here! We look forward to hearing from you.